When Anthony Higgs Was Attracting All The Space Pirates, He Didn't Knew That He Was In Mortal Danger, Because The Scriptmasters Equipped Him That Dark Aroma Toxin That Made His Form. They Also Said It Would Make Anthony Higgs Betray Ryan Miller, But That Didn't Happen. It Only Made Him Strong, He Could Be Unstoppable, He Could Be Un-Detected By Radar. This Made Anthony Higgs Invisible, But, When Sam Makio Saw Him, Sam Used A Quick Process To Revert Him Back To Normal, But That Would Only Make Anthony More Weaker. It Was Good While It Lasted. For Nemu Kurotsuchi, She Wanted To Be With Anthony A Lot Longer With His Normal Form, According to Mayuri Kurotsuchi, He Would Say That This Wasn't A Straight Edge Form, And On Top Of Everything, It Wasn't Considered To Be A Straight Edge Form For Anthony, Because He Is A Male, If It Was Going To Happen, He Would Have To Be A Tomgirl, Which Is The Opposite Of Tomboy. Which Will Also Result Of Nemu Kurotsuchi Breaking Up With Anthony Higgs. It Was Adam Malkovich's Reason To Get Rid Of Anthony Higgs's Disease, Because It Could Effect The Rest Of The Galactic Federation And Possibly The Galactic Union. Ryan Miller, Nemu Kurotsuchi, Samus Aran, Sylux, And Azelf All Care About Anthony's Life Insurance. (Despite They Are Paying Little Fee To Support It.)

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