Crazy german kid

Leopold "Harry" Slikk, As Seen In Angry Der Ecthe PC Parrodys

The Angry German Kid Is A Popular Icon Arround The Internet And Youtube Plus Other Video Sharing Websites Arround Arround. The Angry German Kid Is Banned From Germany Because It Violates The German Censorship Policy, For No Reason At All. The Angry German Kid's Real Name Is Leopold Harrison "Harry" Slikk, Proving That His Name Was Chosen From His Super-Protective Parents. His Dad, Leopard (age 44) And His Mom, Jenn (age 33) And Leopold Himself (age 16+)

The Angry German Kid's Orriginal Baisis Was On The Infamous FPS Game, Unreal Tournament, After Leopold Played That Game For 90 Years, He Stopped Playing That Game And Started Playing Other Games Like: Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time, Kirby 64, Cybermorph, Kasumi Ninja, Doom Series, Wolfenstein, Call Of Duty Series (Not Black Ops), The Red Dead Series, Classic NES Games, (Mario, Metroid, Sailor Moon, etc.) And A Lot More That Can't Be Arsed To Name. Leopold Lives In A County Called: Burgchies Lands, In Western Germany. Leopold Is Known From A Variety Of Names Like: Slikk, Der Ecthe Gangsta, And Angry German Kid.

The Angry German Kid Is A Icon On Youtube That Can't Be Taken Down From The Community, In Fact, The Angry German Kid Also Appeared In Call Of Duty: Future Warefare, Where Another Mission Where He's Trapped In A Fire And Derrick Was Sent To Explore And Find A Way To Put Out The Fire. After That, Leopold Thanked Derrick For The Help And Leopold Returned Home To His House In West Flavela. Like Beat, Leopold's House Is 5 Blocks Away From Beat's House, It Should Take A Second To Get There. After The Fire Rescue Mission's Done, You Can Now Correspond And Receive Mission From Leopold In His House In The West Part Of The Flavela. He's 5 Blocks Away From Beat, So, It's Very Easy To Reach Him.