Almiaon Minalada Is The God Of Yellow Phazon, She's Mostly Jet Black In Her Skin, But Her Eyes And Face Are Hidden In A Princess Veil Mask. Almiaon Minalada Is Also The First Half That Makes Up Phazon Pete's Antibody, Which Made His Antibody In The First Place. She's Phazon Pete's Mother And Is Quick-Tempered, Almiaon Minalada Cared For Phazon Pete Ever Since He Was A Toddler, And That Is Why Almiaon Minalada Sent Phazon Pete To City 22. After Almiaon Minalada And Joshomon Singah Had To Take Care Of Various Work Before He Can Come Back To Phazon Realm.

Almiaon Minalada Also Has A Husband Who Is In-Charged Of The Romans, Joshomon Singah Which Is A Large Bulking Demon And Engraved In Heavy Armor. And Is Also Phazon Pete's Former Lieutenant Commander. After 8 Years, Joshomon Chose Almiaon Minalada As The New Lieutenant Commander In Honor Of His Worldwide Conquest. Because Of This, They're Happily Married And Adopted A Antibody For Themselves In Order To Help Phazon Pete Learn Discipline. Almiaon Minalada Also Developed A Bankai For Phazon Pete, Called Tensa Minalada. This Bankai Is Very Powerful Unlike Joshomon's Bankai, And Phazon Pete Oftenly Uses It A Lot. He Can Tell Because Of The Metal Blade Shaped Like A Z, But It's Actually Shaped Like The Hurricane Helm's Symbol, This Bankai Also Has A Rotating Blade That Is Motor Power That Can Deal Extra Damage To Armored Enemies And Powered Monsters, It's Very High In A Critical Hit Because The Critical Ratio Is Near A 100. The Defense Is Also Powerful Because Phazon Pete Is Granted To Stand Up To All Odds. And With The Antibody With It, They're Equaly Powered With This Same Bankai.

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