Almiaon Minalada, The Main Mother Of Phazon Pete, Is Consuming Phazon's Memories And Remembering Why She Is Preparing A Main Purpose For Her, Thanks To Olette, Phazon Pete Must Engage Almiaon Minalada In Combat, She's The First Final Boss To The Second Final Boss, To Be Defeated.

Form 1 (Almiaon Minalada): Almiaon's Basic Form, With Her Circular Staff And Her Unmasked, She's Preparing A Full Combo Attack, Dodge Some Of Her Attacks, And Strike Her From The Sides, And Repeat, Don't Let Her Heal And Create Ilusions, The Illusions Can Take 230 HP From You, So Use Your Smarts And Find The Real Minalada!! HP: 4700 Illusion HP: 220 Each

Form 2 Almiaon Cero: Almiaon's Beastly Form, Her Skin Is Pale Blue, Her Long Wavy Hair Is Shot Up, And She Gains Tentacle From Under Her Princess Skirt. Avoid Almiaon's Serpant Scream, You'll Lose Defense If You Do. If You Have The Joshomon Singah Keldon With You As Your Bankai, It Should Be A Really Easy Fight. She Can Heal And Create Illusions, So Watch Out. Do Like You Did Before With The Illusions, When Her Health Is Depleted, She'll Transform. HP: 6300 Illusion HP: 360

Form 3 Almiaon Cero Tormenta Formulario: Almiaon's Monster Form, Her Skin's Still Pale Blue, Her Hair's Still Shot Up Like Medusa, And She Gains A Large Body And A Huge Rock Body With Eyeballs And Skulls For The Legs, She Can't Create Illusions Anymore, But She Can Roar And Take A Total Of 650 HP Out Of You, The Main Advantage Is To Dodge Her Roars And Transform Into Banrai, As The Tank Form, Fight Her Hand To Hand, And Do As Much Combos And Weapons Shots Into Her As Much As Possible, When She Spinebusts You On Your Last Legs, Do Your Limit Break And Attack Her With The Nuke Cannons And The Infinitian Flamethrower, Almiaon Is Defeated In Battle. HP: 7900 Rock Body HP: 13000

All Contributions Are From The Phazon Pete 2010/2011 Video Game By THQ Inc, And All Copyrights Are Reserved, (C) 2010 The Phazon Pete Company.

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