Albert wesker

Albert Wesker, As Seen In Video Game Zombies

Albert Wesker Is A Character From The Resident Evil Series, Despite His Attitude, He's A Antagonistic Kind Of Person, He Appears In Video Game Zombies To Generate All The Zombies Including Jeff Hogan From The Other Scene. He Can't Touch The Zombies, Though Immune To Zombie Bites, Albert Wesker Is The Only Source To The Zombie Crisis, Not Obama, Not Hidan, And Not Ryan's Father, Mike Miller.

Apparently, Albert Was Plotting This All Along With Microsoft Shingen, Probably He's The Only Mastermind To This Only Crisis Than Any Other Character, Albert Wesker Will Stop Ryan Miller In His Fate To Rid His Exisistance With The Zombies That He Doesn't Have Yet. In Other Media, Albert Wesker Appears As A Playable Character In Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Along With Cyrax, Sektor, Onaga, Kabuto Yakushi, And The Miz. Albert's A Aggresive Type, His Speed Suffers, And His Attack And Strength Levels Are Buffed Up By An Instant. That Means, He's A Greater Threat Than The Other Characters.

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