Adolf Hitler cph 3a48970

Adolf Hitler, As Seen In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Nazi Reich Arc.

Adolf Hitler Is The 3rd Main Villain After Makio's Demise In The Nazi Reich Arc Of DigitalPh33rsons Aventures, He Is A Mighty Leader With His Followers: Phazon Pete, Vladimir Makarov, Binyah, And Samus Clone As Makarov. Is A Very Complex Man With Very Little Respect Arround Him. The Only Person That He Respects Is Riley Richtofen, Because He Stole The Izanagi Potion From DigitalPh33rson After Getting Ryan Miller Powers. Adolf Hitler's Nazi Hideout In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Is Located On The Far South, And In Kommazon's Gay Alps.

Adolf Hitler's Temple Also Sends Out Nazi Tanks, Choppers, And Nazi Aircraft To Send Their Units. And Hitler Will Conquer His Way Of Leadership.

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