Adob, As Abandoned By Her Own Master, Mashiro, Currently In The Phazon Realm.

Adob Is A Sister To Mashiro Mito, Mashiro's Right Handed Woman, Always Looking After Her, As A Servant Adob Was Sealed And Exiled Into A World Of No-Exisistance After Mashiro's Recruit As A General. Adob Is Currently Missing Into The Phazon Realm, In Darkest Depths Of The Caverns, Eating Branches Of Phazon, And Licking Phazon Honey Rocks, Adob's Journey Through The Unknown Made it Through The Human World, And Is Now Inside The Seattle Condiums. A Network Of Appartments For Retired People Like Phazon Pete, And Hinata For Example. Adob Joins Pals Phazon Pete And Hinata As The Duosome Trio, In Order To Get Their Series Back, But Adob Doesn't Have A Series. Instead Adob Is Pronounced As A Enemy In The Double Dragon NES Released Somewhere Arround The 90's. The Actual Refrence Was From The Adobo Enemy. And Since In The Machinima Industry, The Executive Producers Removed The "O" In Adobo. Leaving it Into A Whole New Character Named Adob. Adob Is Not Mashiro, It's Her Clone.