Ada Wong, As Seen In Video Game Zombies, She Bears Some Resemblance To Haku Yowane

Ada Wong Is Character From The Resident Evil Series, She First Appears In Resident Evil 2, Where She Falled In Love With Leon Kennedy, Then In Resident Evil 4, She Broke Up With Leon And Started To Re-Assemble Haku Yowane. Though She Doesn't Have A Background Story Yet, And No Rumor That She Doesn't Have A Computer Voice Actor/Actress. It Has Not Known Yet She Will Be Voiced.

Ada Wong Appears As A Mercenary, And With Ryan Miller In Her Sights, She Wants Answers From Him. In Other Appearances, Ada Wong Is A Student Of The Late WWE Superstar, Grey Fox "Eric". Apparently Ada Learned All The Way With Eric, But She Does Know That Her Past Is Not Known Yet. Though Appears As A Video Game Valentine, But Leon Wants To Get Her Back, Though Leon Also Cares About The Student Of Grey Fox.

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