The 3 Assassins Of Fire Are The Main Villians Of The Series, Video Game Black Ops 2, The Team Consisting Of Fire Lord (Their Team's Leader), Nitroblast (Flame Master Of Torches And The Reptilian Member Of The Team), And Finally Jetbug (Fast And Sleek Geneosectian Like Structured And More Lethal). These 3 Assasins Want No Other Than Vowing Revenge On Derrick Sanderson And To Bring Havoc To The World (Along With The Earth's Citizens). Their First Targets Were Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro, And Robert Mara. They Were Easily Rescued By Derrick Sanderson. (SPOILER ALERT): It Is Said That The 3 Assasins Of Fire Replaced The Original Black Ops Assassins: Raging Raven, Crying Wolf, Laughing Octopus, And Screaming Mantis.

In The 5th Shortstop Episode, The 3 New Assasins Were Not After The Presidents, Instead, The Vow To Awaken A Golden Godess Named: "Atenaroiyarumirājuno" Meaning in English: Athena Of The Royal Mirage. Derrick Will Prevent Them From Doing, But The Team Leader, Fire Lord Will Vow Nothing From Him. He Will Challenge Derrick In The Fight To The Finish To Put An End To The Black Ops Era. Who Knows What Fire Lord's Tomboy Statue Friend Would Be Compatible Of Unleashing Trouble?


Fire Lord: Occupation: Team Leader. Ability: Deception (Powers Up Attack When HP Is Low).

Nitroblast: Occupation: Cunning Execution And Jury Ability: Raikanja (Powers Up Attack And Doubles HP Levels).

Jetbug: Occupation: Fastest Vomitter Giver Ability: Shishiakkani (Powers Up Speed And Shares Pain With The Victim)

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