Dantheman2Funny, As Seen On 2FunnyVersionIV's Channel.

After The Demise Of 2FunnyVersionIII, The 2Funny Television Network Decided a 21 Year Old Adult To Make A New Account, The Person Was Responsible Was Infammousspammer. Who Was A Brother Of The InfamousBlocker. The Person Who Was Intentful Of Suspending A 2Funny Client, Was Infammousspammer

Now, That 2Funny Television Is Back, Interesting Series Like: Comments On The Comments Series, And The 2FunnyMovie Reviews Series. The Only People That Supported His 21st Birthday Were:

  • MrDiabloLord
  • SpeakoniaCuber
  • God7619Gryphon
  • DigitalPh33rson
  • CoolBlueLights


GloonTehGarrisonX (Who Was Suspended In 2006.)

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