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Подводные Наутилус/Podvodnye Nautilus/The Submarine Nautilus (Super Smash Bros.Movie)

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Подводные Наутилус/Podvodnye Nautilus/The Submarine Nautilus Is A Russian Nintendo Smash Bros Movie Released Only In 12 Countries And Will Have A DVD Release, The Movie Is About A Submarine Named The Nautilus,Property Of The Galactic Union, A Property Of Smash Bros, A Russian Game Of This Will Be Rumored As Unknown For Now. And The Gross Revenue Is $0 At This Our And The Box Office Rating Hasn't Rated This Movie Yet, Or The Movie Officials,

The Film Association Hasn't Rated This Video Yet.

Release Dates:

US:March 25th 2011

JP: December 16th 2010

RU:December 11th 2010

EUR:December 18th 2010

CAN:December 23rd 2010

AUS:December 21st 2010

GU/Galactic Union:December 14th 2010

PR/Puerto Rico:May 19th 2011

UK:December 17th 2010

FR: April 8th 2011

BR:April 1st 2011

IL:June 14th 2011

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