This Glitch Is Been Over Wikia Forcing Workers To Delete So More Oftenly And More Aggressivley. Some Say That The Glitch Literaly Means (And Now Black Sannse Piss Off) Which Is A Direct Word Said To Soba Instead Of A Retard, The Glitch Is Unnacceptable, Will Not Be Tolerated, And Way Worse Than The .wmv Glitch On Youtube, As Well As Many Other Glitches That is Lurking Arround The Internet, It's Only Because Wikia Chose This Because Some High School Students Need To Be More Late Than Usuall. This Is Also Acceptable, As Wikia Made A Big Mistake Making This Glitch Is A Complete Joke. All That Makes You Want To Do Is To Throw Your Computer Out The House Window And Pisses You Off More Oftenly More Than It Does To Other Attractions, The Youtube Video Editor (Which Is Used To Produce The DigitalPh33rsons Trilogy Episodes.)

In The Writer's & Defendant's Opinion, This Glitch Is Way Worse Because It Sucks More Than It Really Does Right Now. The Glitch Will Eventually Go Away, Or Away From Exsistance, In The Maker's Opinion. The Glitch Needs To Be Removed And Needs To Be Stamped Away From Exsistance.

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